Amnesty International’s Write for Rights 2014: Murad Shtewi ~ “Community Leader Targeted For Activism”

Murad Shtewi was targeted by the Israeli government for merely organizing Palestinians in non-violent demonstrations that oppose the closing of a main road connecting Kafr Qaddum to Nablus. This road is under Israeli military occupancy and allows the free travel of only Israeli civilians. It represents one of many components of Apartheid in Israel by forcefully obstructing the people of Palestine’s mode of transportation ~ for doing nothing more than being Palestinian. And Murad Shtewi was in opposition of this road closing, along with Israeli enforced Apartheid, making him a target for imprisonment by the Israeli government. Now, Shtewi sits behind bars as a Prisoner of Conscience because he was convicted of false charges. These charges, brought up by Israeli authorities, are a direct violation of our Human Rights. So, on the 17th of December, 2014 I sent this letter advocating for the immediate release of Murad Shtewi.





About JeremyRoyer_

A Blackfoot Indigenous-Aboriginal first and foremost, while at the same time beating back oppression, capitalism, and racism.
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