Amnesty International’s Write for Rights 2014: Chelsea Manning ~ “Jailed After Exposing Possible Human Rights Abuses”

A nation whose history starts with Crimes Against Humanity, by enslaving kidnapped Africans and by the genocide of Indigenous-Aboriginals, depends on maintaining its’ authority with an empire of security. The United States establishes its’ security by passing laws, by building a military, and by creating agencies designed to protect a government built around the destruction of both land as well as people.

With great wealth and power achieved from destroying land and people — the institutions established from these crimes always remains fearful of its’ own populations and do not ever want to be threatened with being brought to justice. In order for a government and privatized wealth to remain free from persecution ~ the people suffering under their tyranny must either be exterminated or lied to in a way so they are more inclined to be patriotic towards that nation, rather than revolutionary of their oppressors.

A way to achieve this star-spangled patriotism is by the continuation of foreign wars. Where the United States’ enemies are clearly established by U.S. government-controlled media outlets. This narrow viewpoint of “good versus bad” as well as “right and wrong” is usually defined by elected officials, media personalities, along with legitimate news sources. Together they serve as an echo-chamber justifying sending innocent people from one nation to kill more innocent people in another nation. This grand scale of misinformation is used as a way to motivate an entire population to believe how their friends, families, and neighbors are fighting an enemy who could potentially do harm to their country. Giving the illusion of how every war effort is in fact a noble cause.

The most recent U.S. backed foreign war was the second invasion of Iraq that began in 2003. Where national momentum for more bloodshed was established by an attack on New York City’s World Trade Center. This tactic was used to establish patriotic solidarity and to justify a large-scale war with some vague ambiguous enemy, Saddam Hussein and his “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, all fabricated by the U.S. government and confirmed by corporate-owned, pentagon-funded news sources. Together, they both achieved public consensus around a second invasion in the Middle East by soliciting national pride while capitalizing on a general misguided distrust of the Arab community.

Not only were there no weapons of mass destruction, the War in Iraq paved the way for extreme right-wing policies such as the Patriot Act ~ a direct invasion of our privacy and a direct violation of our Human Rights. It also gave rise for a national push to extract energy here at home in the forms of fracking as well as large-scale drilling operations in the form of raw crude. This new found pride in national energy allowed corporations to profit off of resources here and abroad with little to no resistance from our own environmental laws or agencies. While at the same time, allowing new security agencies coupled with existing programs to increase their stranglehold of policing the American people with trillions of taxpayer dollars ~ all conceded to in the form of national security. And because of the increased spending for fossil fuel profits, increased spending for another foreign war at the expense of over 1.1 million Iraqi lives, and increased spending for Homeland Security — a new right-wing national agenda was set in place. While our social safety nets, such as a quality education, health care, free and fair elections, food, water, and clean air, were quickly dismantled through justified budget cuts as well as a wide-sweeping roll-back of environmental protections.

To contradict the American propaganda depicting Iraq as a clearly defined enemy and America as the “good-guy” was Chelsea Manning. Serving as an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army during the war in Iraq ~ Chelsea Manning leaked the largest number of classified documents in the history of the United States. And was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for allowing the world to see the United States as what it always has been ~ a lying murderer. The documentation given to WikiLeaks by Chelsea Manning would have never come to light if it wasn’t for her selfless act. And because of Chelsea Manning’s unselfishness she was sentenced to thirty-five years in prison because of the so-called U.S. Espionage Act. The Espionage Act has nothing to do with protecting the people of the United States. But instead, is another law set to protect a fearful empire who kills and imprisons those fighting for Human Rights.

So, on December 17th, 2014 I sent this letter to President Barack Obama asking for the immediate and unconditional release of Chelsea Manning because she is a hero, not a criminal.




About JeremyRoyer_

A Blackfoot Indigenous-Aboriginal first and foremost, while at the same time beating back oppression, capitalism, and racism.
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